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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> hi i'm kevin i don't know where to begin i think i'm only volunteering i don't work for the soda industry person i'm here as a voter in san francisco. what about the fact this is a regressive fact that's the truth and you're trying to white wash over it. that another fact i don't drink soda i don't justifies my habits to politicians that's really a nightmare and first is not a taxable event and it shouldn't be and herng hunger neither and if the board of supervisors will pass the real estate complex as the soda industrial complex the
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city will be a much healthier place. the way the supports seemed to be with the people that buy the soda borders on the pathology if you are so hunger to fund programs to fight diabetes which is great it i have an idea tax tweeter and fund all the programs you that want with that money get away from this regressi regressive nonsense. those fancy walls are blinding you to what and how desperately
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we're trying to stay in the city don't use a regressive tax to stay in the city >> and it's my birthday so. >> bye (clapping.) >> hi i'm robert. let's see gram crackers fruit cocktail and macaroni and cheese those are foods that are pretty much normal in a school lunch program i don't know in school districts lunch program, however, i know that all of these foods are processed foods. processed foods the first 5 ingredients contain may be the
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first 3 ingredients contain corn syrup why are beverages being singled out because when you think about it everything we eat is processed foods is got corn syrup in it that adds a lot of calories to food that doesn't need it in the first place apple sauce needs corn syrup it's the first ingredient. so if you're going to put a tax on $0.02 on every once beverage maybe instead think about putting $0.02 on every - sorry.
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think about putting $0.02 tax on each of the ounces of food that is processed that people eat instead because that's the bottom line. >> thank you very much for speaking. next speaker >> good afternoon. i'm dan keller i'm a registered nurse and a san francisco residents. i authenticity i'd express something as a nurse i see increasing numbers of obese and diabetic patience and one of our tasks in the old par dim discharge the instructions the educators that a falls to the nurses urges the poishts to have
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a healthy lifestyle so things like a soda tax that will support that in a small way are very well. we're up against huge obstacles in fighting for the health feel our community. as a parent i urge you to support in tax it helps our kids be heath. i for bad sugary drinks in our households as my kids grew up and it's anecdotal evidence their healthy and not over weight and i think that's likely they won't grew up to be diabetics and finally as a san francisco resident i'm proud of our city for this big picture thinking we'll lead the country that the country must and will go in i'm proud of our
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leadership as a city >> thank you for your leadership as supervisors. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm dr. robert gould as a 31 years as a doctor i would at - i'm, however, representing physicians for social responsibility i'm the president for the bay area chapter and currently president over our national organization and representing thousands of physicians throughout the san francisco bay area that are members. i'm here not to go on and on we've heard compelling evidence all day from people who know health issues and the significant diabetes epidemic.
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i've heard from numerous parents of children in our san francisco school system and like myself who's a grandfather and when we talk about the height issues it's important i want to thank you all supports from the beginning as well really want to applaud the fact the monies from the tax really do benefit the schools and programs we need in our city we've suffered from the cutbacks so this dresses a lot of the significant health issues. thank you, dr. grould next speaker >> i just want to mention there was a gentleman saying people
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were here and paid to speak. i don't even get a soda from those guys. i'm here to advocate for the small businesses and it's really unfair you're taking a freedom of a choice and a delight of having a soda pop. and those the $0.02 might seem little but $0.24 is the same price of the soda pop itself. so most of san francisco is a unique city so having the mom and pop stores that makes the city more unique so by having this little tax rule those guys will get driven out of business and go to safest way or wa
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walgreen's so it will be i support the school getting more fund in every way but this way this is not the solution for getting help for the schools. i hope you guys won't go forward with this legislation. happy birthday kevin. >> next speaker. >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon, supervisors mime mr. sanchez. >> i am here to represent
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beboth of my businesses a bar and restaurant as well as the in the district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> this belittle tax will 0 add to the burdens of licenses and permits i need to pay that will translate into higher prices for my customers.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> by increasing my cost of the operations i'm put in the hard decision of having to let off my workers or having to close shop altogether. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i understand there's a height especially desk bus this comes down to personal choice and education that starts at home. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much.
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mr. sanchez and the last speaker >> good afternoon supervisor mar and supervisor wiener and supervisor breed it's my pleasure to highlight the harm of liquid sugar corn syrup consuming it can send signals but their reduced from a liquid deity so many americans get obese. after thirty minutes of exercise one becomes thirsty is contains 8 to 10 teaspoons of sugar one continue the water is taking
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water but the soda has 8 extra sugar packets. envision another scenario participates you see people adding 10 packets of sugar to their coffee would you say anything that's why supporting this legislation is improving the health of san franciscans. i applaud our supervisors to introduce this legislation >> thank you, dr. so we're going to close public comment thank you so much for coming out to speak. i want to thank the departmental reps from the school district the rec and park department and the department of public health but last the many, many community parents advocates and
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health leaders and pediatricians and doctors that came to speak. now we're down to 3 members of the comment colleagues, any closings remarks >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you. i want to thank everyone on both sides i know there are a number of different views in the community about this obese i think the one thing that everyone can agree on this is drinks are not healthy and they are causing health problems and we know that's really not disputeable they're the attributing factors to the explosion of diabetes. i know that some building that the only thing we should be doing is educate people to eat and drink healthier but by the
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know as with tobacco and as with other unhealthy items that education is not enough. sometimes you have to send price signals to people as robert at that voor is stated it's progressive to send cheap products to low income people we should keep the prices low so people can get sick is not responsible. we have a responsibility to act and we're moving in the right direction. i want to say it's unfortunate that i do think we can tell this the beverage industry is spreading misinformation among
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businesses applying their obligations will be much more. i look forward to a robust discussion when we get accurate information out there everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the facts are what they are and when the facts are made clear they'll support this >> supervisor wiener supervisor breed. >> i want to thank you for holding this meeting it's been frustrating is the fact i've gotten information from a number of different sources and in some instances i don't understand how it related to what we're trying to accomplish. and i do know there are so. different entities both health
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cities that want to educate the public so i think there are various different layers of information that didn't necessarily containment each other. ultimately we talk about, you know, of the consumption of processed sugar and the easy of the consuming sugar in larger amazement's ambassador there's products that have processed sugar so i'm trying to reconcile in his mind why not do a tax on sugar in general for all fair purposes number one because it's the same as when we tax tobacco for example, we didn't tax cigarettes but tobacco that was
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a clear messaging we're - i think for me that's an apdz of you know why one vs. the other of the con assemblies as it relates to processed sugar. that's one of the issues i'd like to try to reconcile that issue. the second issue secondly, is my oppose personal experience in the district that i represent but more importantly in an organization i used to represent as a director and i as i said earlier we have kids who are kids who spend a lot of time in the cult center who drink sugary drinks but one thing i've done is asked the parents and kids do we have type two diabetes or n
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diabetes in general. i've yet to discover one individual aha large number of kids and families i've been asking the questions some instances they said my son or daughter has asthma. but i'm just not seeing the side numbers and how they relate to diabetes i'm not making did connection boonls personal experience someone who's been a part of the community that's been supposedly happening. the spending and the altercated around the spending specifically, i want to say i appreciate the change in the percentage and how it's allocated i think the majority
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of the support should be going to the school district because those populations one of the things growing up that most of kids were alleyway always playing sports and active in baseball and basketball and that's why they stayed in the school first place. the population we claim we're trying to impact mostly the support around funding could be truly beneficial and i believe in the school we're designating dollars to but besides that i would like to see accountability but i know that there are organizations who receive fund for a specific purpose and in some instances that doesn't happen yes when the city gives money there's an audit with the
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controller in terms of where the money went but no accountability in terms of the effectiveness of measurable the program from the time it excited before the program was implemented vs. the program implemented to determine if there have been a change in behavior. i know in some cases time will only tell and in looking at this issue we're heeding in the right direction but i'd like to be comfortable with the fairness of it all and the structure of it all and the other of it you'll in general and, you know, i don't work for the beverage industry but the people. the city and county of san francisco and it's important to (clapping) it's important to just think about the impact and think about how we articulate the message and clarity. we can't control with the beverage industry decides to
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communicate or do but that's important we as representatives do our very best and articulate what the facts are. that's what i'd like to be able to do as a supervisor >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you supervisor breed for those comments i can't remember the date off the top of my head but within the three or four weeks we're holding a meeting on diabetes and so i know you're not on the committee but i really, really hope that you are able to attend that hearing because we're going to talk about the nightly i didn't gritting thank you. i'm encourage supervisor breed
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to talk to the physicians who are working in the some of the communities the low income communities and communities of color it's startling to hear from them what their seeing in terms of diabetes physicians who are working with low income communities in general in the bayview and other neighborhoods who are seeing this day after day and is to me, i'm sick of seeing 12 and 13 years old who were diabetic. that's an issue and the strategies bear it out. no one has to believe me i encourage you to speak to the physicians and it will be
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informative. you mentioned a correlation no one is doubting the bad things in the diet but those sugary beverages present a health problem in the way that other sugar products don't turn off the body. it links it to diabetes so when we did put taxes on tobacco because they were giving people cancer i'm sure we could say there's other things that are giving people cancer too. so we have a product that's
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causing diseases in our community i look forward to a continuing communicate colleagues. >> i wanted to just say this is a great discussion with several other hearings that will come forward on the impacts in various disadvantaged community we'll have more time but to supervisor breed's concern about anymore generally taxing sugary products vs. sugar sweelgd beverage my understanding is prop 10 did access a 50 percent tax on sects and it funds the first commission and lots of tremendous efforts among parents and protecting communities
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ambassador but to our chief health office in the department of public health the recent sugar report and the presentation helps us to make the connection is supervisor wiener was the difference between eating cake and cookies and the consumption of sugar swaelgd beverages and the dangers the surgeon kind of expressed the hidden danger of packets of sugar in the one drink and not shutting do you think your brain and christen mentioned there's a lot of good explanations of it but from shape up sfs works but in the hearing we'll help to make those connections it's not a general
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tax on sugar but to the dangers of the beverages. are there any accountability comments supervisor breed >> again, i'm trying to get the data and make that make sense and trying to understand kind of the i guess the accountability measure i think layer after layer after bureaucratic things i want to make sure i'm comfortable with proposing a tax and how it's going to work and how it's going to the effectly serving the population. oftentimes this population we're talking about a population
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>> so colleagues what he continue this to the call of the chair. >> we'll take that without objection. >> ms. wong any other business before this committee. >> no mr. chairman. >> thank you. the meeting is
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